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What is 24/7 Junk Cars?

24/7 Junk Cars is a service that purchases junk vehicles in the United States and Canada.

What types of vehicles do you junk/purchase?

We purchase all vehicles wrecked or totaled, we also make offers on running and newer cars.

How do i get a quote for my vehicle?

Its fast and simple - you can either fill out our online form or call 1-855-444-JUNK to get one instantly.

Do you charge a tower service fee?

No towing/pickup is FREE!

How quickly will 24/7 Junk Cars remove my vehicle?

24/7 Junk Cars will have your vehicle removed within 48 hours GUARANTEED.

Do I need the title to junk my vehicle?

No. We are able to remove vehicles without titles, but in some states you'll need another form of paperwork like insurance/registration along with your ID.

When will I receive payment for my junk vehicle?

You are paid cash on the spot!

What if I have the title to the vehicle but I'm not the owner?

The owner of the vehicle will have to sign the title off to you.

Besides cash, how else can I be paid?

Any way you like! Simply call us ahead of time with the specific form of payment you would like to receive.

Do I need the keys to my vehicle?

If you are scrapping your car then you will not need your keys.

Do I have to be with the car when the tower comes?

Yes you need to be with the car, but if there’s no way you can it is possible to make arrangements with the tower. You’ll have to leave the necessary documentation in the car.

Do we pay cash on the spot?

Do we offer free pick up?

What do I do with my title?
Our tow truck drivers will show you were to sign the title, and when your car and title reach our company we 
process all cars and titles.

24/7 Junks Cars is awesome!

Great, fast, professional service.  I had two cars that I’ve been trying to get rid of over the last couple of years. You guys got them both in 5 hours!

- Carol from Florida (November 25, 2009)

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